[log in to unmask] (Jerry van Dijk) quoted and then wrote:

>Hal Hart writes:
> >    1.  Mike filters off his list of offending domains.  (He could
>update his
> > filters over time.)
> >    2.  We close the list.
> >
> > I don't want to go directly to #2 because I think we have just enough
> > inquiries from new Ada folks (i.e., non-subscribers) that this would
>work to
> > our community's disadvantage.
>I find this a bit extreem. What if my domain happens to be one of the
>offenders ?

Spamfighting techniques are by their nature creations of the moment.

Based on the current set of spam making it through this list, I think
a lot could be accomplished by just blocking messages that contain
HTML.  If a bounce were generated for such messages, any legitimate
(but misguided) attempted posters would realize the nature of their
communications problem