> LJK Software wrote:
> > ...  I am under no illusion that my own
> > efforts make that much difference, but if everybody reported it...
> In the past month, I have reset my identity to [log in to unmask] (so that
> shows as the From field in email I send) and exercised the
> Remove-Me-From-This-List options a couple of those spams provided at end
> of their drivel.  I AM under the illusion that this makes a difference,
> but I could be wrong...     -hh

Uh oh, it makes a difference but not in the direction you're hoping for :-)
Generally replying "remove me" to a spam message guarantees that you'll get
more, since it tells the spammers that your address is live.  I know, it's
not nice for them to mislead people; I guess you can't believe everything
that you see on the Internet :-)

-Ben Brosgol
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