InContext Enterprises Presents Contextual Design Workshop
June 3-5, 2001
Concord, MA

Contextual Design Workshop
Come and learn the steps of Contextual Design and how to start
customer-centered design within your company, from the founders of
InContext. This 3-day workshop, using a combination of lectures, examples,
practice sessions, and discussions, will provide you with a comprehensive
introduction to the entire Contextual Design process.

You Will Learn
*  Techniques to conduct effective field interviews
*  Work models to represent and interpret the customer data
*  Key issues and opportunities revealed in your customer population
*  Ways to redesign your customers' work using new technology
*  How to organize your application for positive user experience
*  Paper mockup interviews to ensure your design is correct

You’ll find a detailed, day-by-day agenda below. Or,
you can go to

Who Should Attend
* Human Factors Specialists
* Usability Experts involved in product identification, design, development,
or marketing
* User Interface Designers
* Engineers and Developers
* Business Analysts
* Product Managers and Marketers

Agenda: Contextual Design Workshop
This 3-day course covers they key techniques of Contextual Design. The
course combines lecture, example, practice, and discussion to give you an
understanding of the concepts, so you can begin applying the ideas in your
own work. This is a quick and easy way to get an overview of the Contextual
Design techniques.

Day One
* Conducting field interview sessions
* Choosing customers and setting up field interviews
* Talking to customers in their workplace while they work
* Modeling your customer's work
* Finding the hidden aspects of work that make products succeed or fail
* Identifying the roles people play to get the job done
* Understanding how the customer's culture affects product design
* Identifying individual steps and motivations of tasks your product will
* Seeing how the structure of the physical site affects what you have to
* Analyzing the artifacts people use to get their work done

Day Two
* Building a composite picture of the customer population
* Representing the work practice of your internal client or external market
* Seeing the full scope of the customer's issues in your product domain
* Seeing past individual differences to recognize common work patterns
* Seeing work's natural structure and how your product can transform it
* Driving creativity from customer data
* Using grounded brainstorming to base designs in reality
* Identifying key problems you can fix
* Finding opportunities you can invent for

Day Three
* Designing the system
* Envisioning a system response to the data which addresses customer needs
* Building storyboards showing users' new work practice with the system
* Building a user environment design that shows the structure of the system
* Checking the initial design with users through paper prototypes
* Driving an action plan
* Planning your first step to start gathering customer data
* Making tradeoffs in process steps given project goals

Workshop Fee
The workshop fee includes: attendance, course materials, continental
breakfast, lunch, and a copy of the book Contextual Design: Defining
Customer-Centered Systems.

$1065 before May 3, 2002
$1190 after May 3, 2002

We will require a minimum number of pre-registered participants before the
class can be confirmed. Pre-register now and be sure mark your calendars to
save the dates. Our registrar will inform you no less than 3 weeks in
advance if the class is a go. To pre-register go to

Substitution and Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to attend, a substitution may be made at any time without
charge. Refunds, less a $100 administrative fee, will be issued to requests
for all cancellations postmarked before May 20, 2002, after which a 50%
refund will be given. Substitution and cancellation requests must be made in
writing. “No shows” are subject to the full fee. The course fee will be
fully refunded in the unlikely event the course is cancelled after InContext
Enterprises has confirmed that it will be held on the advertised dates, but
InContext Enterprises cannot be held responsible for costs that may be
incurred for airline and hotel reservations and other expenses.

We will send you an e-mail to confirm your pre-registration and

Who We Are

InContext Enterprises
2352 Main Street, Suite 302
Concord, MA 01742

InContext Enterprises was founded by Karen Holtzblatt and Hugh Beyer in 1992
to provide customer-centered design and consulting services. We use
Contextual Design and our deep knowledge of how to transform customer data
into innovative product concepts to design transformative solutions for our
clients. InContext works with leaders in the technology, publishing,
telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industries, including
Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Novell, Motorola, Nokia, Thomson
Corporation, SAP, and others.

We have been major players moving the high-tech industry from
engineering-driven to customer-centered design. Karen and Hugh are the
authors of the book Contextual Design: Defining Customer-Centered Systems
which is used in corporations and universities all over the world.

Visit InContext's web site at

For more information contact Shelley Wood, [log in to unmask], 212-689-0190