Next week, turns four years old.
Today the HCI Bibliography passed 2 million hits on its major pages,
including the HCI Webliography, over 1350 web links.
The free search service recently surpassed 750,000 searches.

In the spirit of trying something completely different,
I have placed translation links at the bottom of the
home page, with free service provided by AltaVista Babel Fish.
Translate the page and you can continue; the links are also
translated, although there are some bugs.  Comments are welcome.

I wrote a little perl script to translate the 1986 MITRE UI guidelines
by Smith & Mosier to HTML.  I'm not sure why, but here it is:
That link is available from a new link category on guidelines:
Some popular new caegories include HCI history:
and just in time for April Fools day, HCI humor:

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