Yes, we need to do something about the spam.  Every little bit
helps.  Well over 50% of the email I receive is spam, so I've
recently decided I have to take a new approach.  My old approach
was to just delete it and not think about it.  My own threshold
has just been reached.

Here's MHO on several techniques suggested:

Moderate all posts:                No
Subscribers only:                  Yes
Non-Subscriber posts moderated:    Yes
Automated non-subscriber re-reply: Yes
Rename list:                       Don't care
Move to another server:            Don't care
Automated SPAM filters:            No (Some of the messages on this
                                       list on this very topic were
                                       identified as SPAM by one or
                                       more of the free SPAM filters
                                       I've been experimenting with!)

Terry Westley
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