CHI 2002 Informal Sig - W3C usability public working group

There is a proposal to form a User Interest Group within the W3C to address
usability issues.  The proposal includes three possible areas for the scope
of work of this interest group:
- review the usability of deliverables of other W3C groups
- explore barriers to usability of the Web and produce potential solutions
- exchange information about web-usability activities

Any CHI attendees who are interested (you need not be a member of the W3C -
or working for an organization that is a member of the W3C) are welcome to
attend the informal SIG.  I will sign up for a time/room as soon as possible
at CHI.  I will post this information on the bulletin board in the Commons
at CHI - please look for it or leave me a note if you want to come and can't
locate the information.

Dr. Jean Scholtz
Visualization and Usability Group
NIST, MS 8940
100 Bureau Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20899
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