"C. Daniel Cooper" <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> a) single 'Access: The "proper" thing to do is a technical tweak, as
> described at <http://www.adaic.org/docs/95style/html/sec_7/7-3-2.html>
> Define a single 'Access constant along with each callback subprogram
> declaration, and use that constant for all references.

This certainly sounds right to me. This is a light-weight solution,
compared to polymorphism or tasking, as others have proposed.

> This isn't a bad solution, but it presumes the subscribers know how
> the publisher is implemented (or will evolve).

I don't follow this objection. All the subscriber needs to know is the
profile of the callback; what else can change that affects the
declaration of the single 'access constant?

-- Stephe