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Features since 20020117:

  Implementation changes

     Improved closed Iterator (Visit, Modify) performance.

     Optimisations on BC.Containers.Trees.AVL.Validate, thanks to
     Steve Deller.

     Implemented "=" properly for Bounded and Dynamic Maps. Completed
     implementation of Maps.Are_Equal.

     Modifications to BC.Containers.Maps.Unbounded to allow the new
     Configuration_Demo to build with GNAT 3.14p (and GCC-3.1). It
     won't build with 3.13p, by the way, and has finalization problems
     with GNAT 3.15a.

  New contributions

     Anh Vo has contributed a pair of storage managers.

  Other notes

     The new storage pool management scheme, introduced in the
     20011011 release, breaks GNAT 3.12.

     Converted the Tests and Demos page to report compiler