Sharon A Myers <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> Hello Team:
> I stumbled across this email address hoping to get some assistance.

A better place is the newsgroup comp.lang.ada. The TEAM-ADA mailing
list is for discussions of Ada advocacy issues, not random help.

> I'm very, VERY new to Ada and I'm trying to write a program that
> will open a binary file and convert the contents of the file to
> standard_output/screen or another file. With access to Oracle,
> what's the best way to approach this in Ada?

Until you mentioned Oracle, this seemed a simple problem.

Are you taking a class, and is this homework? If so, ask your teacher,
and/or read your textbook, then come back with more specific
questions. If not, check out; there are several good
resources for new Ada programmers there.

What are you supposed to do with Oracle?

-- Stephe