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>Said Stephe,
>> Other languages have well outlasted their predicted lifetimes; look at
>> COBOL. Ada Core Technologies is making money and growing; no reason to
>> think that will change.
>> --
>> -- Stephe
>I think Ed Colbert was, in his original post, referring to new starts.
>Obviously Ada will be around in "legacy" (sub-)systems for a long time
>to come.
>Yes, we discovered in the Y2K mess that there was a lot of COBOL out
>there. But those Y2K COBOL programmers were dragged out of retirement
>(and paid very well for a short time) to work on it. That doesn't say
>much about whether COBOL is really in active use, or whether there
>are any new starts to speak of. (I don't know whether there are -
>do you, Stephe?)

The company where my wife works uses Cobol on MVS.  I just asked her
(without giving context) if they were still starting new projects in
Cobol, and her response was that new projects tend to use Cobol with
DB2.  Their other database product is less compatible with Cobol, so
that says to me there is nobody looking for excuses to dump Cobol.