**************  UIST 2002 Interface-Design Contest ***************

UIST 2002: Paris, France 27-30, Oct 2002

An interface-design contest will once again be held in conjunction
with this year's ACM UIST Symposium.  You can get up-to-date
information on the contest at the UIST 2002 web site:


UIST 2002 will feature the second UIST Interface-Design Contest. 
Teams will have an opportunity to design and implement an interface 
to solve a challenging real-world problem prior to the symposium. 
The problem has been crafted to accommodate a wide range of 
possible interfaces. During the competition teams will use their 
interfaces to solve a variety of problem instances, competing 
against other teams in a tournament. Prizes worth an estimated 
$1000 will be awarded to the winners. The goal of the contest 
is to encourage participants to explore interface software and 
technology in an applied setting, and to provide an opportunity 
for participants to showcase their work to the UIST community in 
an exciting and entertaining format. 

Last year's contest was quite successful; we hope to keep the momentum
going with this year's contest.

I hope that you and your colleagues/students will participate, and I
look forward to seeing you at UIST in October!

Kathy Ryall
Interaction Contest Chair, UIST 2002

P.S. Please feel free to forward this message to colleagues in
academia and in industry.