CFP: Workshop on Ad hoc Communications and Collaboration in
               Ubiquitous Computing Environments <>
              to be held in conjunction with the
   ACM 2002 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
          New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, November 16-20, 2002


Ramiro Liscano
Mitel Networks, Canada
Gerd Kortuem
University of Oregon, USA


Leveraging from two successful workshops at ECSCW 2001 and CHI 2001 on
Ad hoc Communications and Ad hoc Collaboration, this workshop aims to
investigate the applications and the fundamental technologies required
to enable ad hoc communications and collaboration in Ubiquitous
Computing Environments.  Ad hoc communications and collaboration is an
area that investigates computing technologies that facilitate
spontaneous and informal interactions among individuals. These types
of interactions are becoming increasingly frequent as the prevailing
concept of personal computing is shifting from desktops to networked
mobile devicesthat are linked to each other and the Internet at large
by heterogeneous wireless networks. In particular, the combination of
personal mobile devices and wireless ad hoc networks creates
opportunities for new forms of mobile collaboration involving
interaction between people who are co-located and organized in an
unforeseeable ad hoc way. This includes face-to-face collaboration,
presence-based collaboration, and ad- hoc mobile teams.

The intention of this workshop it to bring together researchers from a
wide variety of disciplines such as CSCW, ubiquitous computing,
pervasive computing, mobile computing, wearable computing, distributed
computing, and wireless networking with the goal to discuss the
design, implementation, use, and evaluation of computing systems that
facilitate ad hoc communications and collaboration.


Topics of interest for the workshop include, but not limited to:

* Taxonomies of ad hoc applications
* Support for informal communication
* Spontaneous collaboration
* Mobile and wearable communities
* Service discovery in ad hoc interactions
* Presence-based collaborative applications
* Context-based ad hoc networking
* Security and privacy aspects
* Groupware for mobile ad hoc
* Mobile Peer-to-Peer computing
* Collaboration in Personal Networks
* Design and evaluation methods
* Ad hoc virtual teams
* User privacy in ad hoc applications

Results of both theoretical and practical significance will be
considered. Papers that present work in progress/recent
developments/research plans are welcomed.


Michel Barbeau, Carleton University, Canada
Martin Bauer, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Christian Becker, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Mark Billinghurst, University of Washington, USA
Sharad Garg, Intel Research, USA
Hans Werner Gellersen, Lancaster University, UK
Saul Greenberg, University of Calgary, Canada
Lars Erik Holmquist, Viktoria Institute, Sweden
Ahmed Karmouch, University of Ottawa, Canada
Brad Rhodes, Ricoh Innovations, Inc., USA
Zary Segall, University of Oregon, USA
Asim Smailagic, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Barry Wellman, University of Toronto, Canada

PAPER SUBMISSIONS: We are planning are an electronic submission and
review process. Please visit <>
for more information.

SCHEDULE: Paper submission deadline: August 16, 2002
  Notification of acceptance: September 16, 2002
  Camera-ready version:  October 16, 2002