Redesigning Email for the 21st Century
   a Workshop at CSCW 2002 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
   November 16 (Sat) *OR* 17 (Sun), 2002
   Conference dates: November 16-20, 2002

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Steve Whittaker (ATT Labs-Research )
Jacek Gwizdka (University of Toronto)

Position papers up to 4 pages (preferred formats: PDF, MS Word, RTF)
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Submission deadline: Monday September 23, 2002
Notification about acceptance: around October 07, 2002

The purpose of the workshop is to examine current issues and future
directions in the design of email interfaces. This one day workshop will
bring together researchers and designers working in related areas, to
discuss how email is currently being used, what problems are experienced by
users of current email systems, and what possible redesigns might address
these problems. Workshop participants will outline design goals for novel
email interfaces and identify key issues for future research.

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