At 2002\08\18 15:00 -0600 Sunday, Carlisle Martin C Dr USAFA/DFCS wrote:
 >Well, I am distinctly pleased that the message wasn't full of questions for
 >Dr. Carlisle, since the DoD is a big place and I'm not sure I could answer
 >them all.  However, since I'd hate to be lumped in the category of
 >non-respondent DoD staff, I'll attempt as best as I can.
 >1) I am not aware of any funding for JGNAT by the DoD

I can't find any indication that points towards the DoD as having
hopes in JGNAT being useful to them.
      "Multilanguage Programming on the JVM: The Ada 95 Benefits."
       Authors: Franco Gasperoni, Gary Dismukes

 >compilers for JVM) hasn't flourished.  Personally, I found the speed of Java
 >implementations, the kludgeyness of some of its libraries, and the security
 >failures to be quite disappointing.

Sounds like reviving JGNAT for JVM could seem like a mistake (yet it is
becoming steadily entrenched in universities).

 >FYI, at SIGAda 2002, I will be presenting a very similar project (not
 >supported by ACT or any grand "part" of the DoD) which compiles Ada to .NET,
 >and is largely based on the JGNAT sources.
  8-12 December 2002, Houston, Texas

Competition can come from Javascript, Macromedia Flash, etc., and outside
of a webbrowser: the *.EXE, & *.DLL formats.
Java can be a new "C" entrenched in universities. Java still does not
run reliably in FreeBSD though it is OK in Linux.

Craig Carey