I just made available my TAP (Thick Ada-Prolog) bindings at


These bindings assume GNAT compiler (3.13p or 3.14p) for Ada side, and
Amzi Logic Server (see http://www.amzi.com) (version 6.2) for Prolog side.

All command files in the distribution are for Windows (and the whole thing
was tested under Windows 2000 only). Hopefully these bindings may be used
with Unix/Linux also (both GNAT compiler and Amzi Logic Server are available
for Solaris and Linux), but I never tried that.

This is release 0.1 of the bindings, and not being familiar with Greek, I'm in
doubt whether it should be considered as Alpha or Beta.

You will find in the distribution the full source code of the bindinds, the
manual and tutorial (in HTML form), a complete example (which apparently works), and
some other stuff, including the text of the LGPL license.

Send your critique, error reports, suggestions, condemnations and praises,
relevant to these bindings, to:

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