> >> This next message of 2001, indicated some serious interest in putting
 > >> JVMs into military machines. Or perhaps the DII COE made a mistake
 > >
 > >The COE _does_ include a JVM and plenty of Java code.
 >It is difficult to get a sense of the weight of that.
 >With Java being Java, maybe the DoD does not really actually use the
 >offerings. Interest in Java could start and end with the DII COE.
 >The message I quoted indicated some sort of problem at the DII COE,
 >and quite probably one without likely significant consequence (I have

I'm not sure I'm following the drift of this conversation,
but for what it's worth, at least some of the "always-on"
parts of the COE are in Java.  At least one of those is a
huge resource hog if you let it run long enough.

Wes Groleau