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                         CSCW 2002 Workshop on
                Storytelling and Collaborative Activities

                            Workshop at the
       ACM 2002 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
                            16 November 2002
                       New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

                         Call for Participation


Virtual storytelling concepts provide new opportunities in the
development of a new quality of collaborative work environments. This
workshop will focus on the requirements, generation and effects of
storytelling in CSCW. We will examine scenarios for storytelling,
consider design issues and methods for the generation of narratives, and
discuss the impact of storytelling on the collaborative work process.


Position papers should address one of the following topics:
*Which kinds of activities have been proven useful for representation
in collaborative storytelling?
*How can we capture and categorize relevant activities in shared spaces
as components for narratives?
*Which types of stories are useful to reflect these activities?
*How do we generate stories based on activities in shared spaces? How
do we develop a storyline? What makes a 'good' story?
*Story development by characters vs. story development by script?
*What are the design issues in collaborative storytelling?
*How do we interact with narratives in shared environments? What is the
role of narrative?
*What is the impact of synchronous and asynchronous storytelling on
collaborative work?
*How does storytelling support awareness in virtual teams?


We will conduct three (very interactive) panel presentations  and small
and large group discussion sessions, followed by a wrap-up discussion
session on future directions. Each panel will consist of 5-6 short talks
given by a subset of workshop attendees, and followed by intensive
discussion by the entire group. Each attendee will give a brief
(refereed) talk of one of the panels and participate in the audience
discussion for the other two panels.  Speakers on the panels will
present existing collaborative storytelling applications and discuss
requirements to combine collaborative activities with storytelling.

The workshop will close with a group discussion session chaired by the
organizers, in which we will focus on highlights and interconnections
between the three panels. The results will be prepared as a poster for
the conference poster session. We plan to publish a summary of the
workshop and selected position papers in the SIGGROUP Bulletin. Best
papers will be considered for publication in  the Journal on Virtual
Reality, Springer Verlag, Special Issue on Storytelling.


Workshop participants are requested to submit a 2-4-page position paper
that addresses the topic of the workshop. The workshop participants will
be selected based on these position papers. Acceptance of applications
will be based on the quality of the work proposed for presentation and
its relevance to the workshop. Participants will be limited to 20-25

Participants will have opportunities before arriving to the workshop to
get to know each other, and become familiar with the topics being
presented. We plan to maximize interpersonal interactions by suggesting
that workshop participants have lunch and dinner together.

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Important Dates

27  September 2002  :  Position Paper Submission Deadline
11  October 2002       :  Notification of Acceptance
16  November 2002   :  Workshop on Storytelling and Collaborative

Workshop Organizers

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Prinz, Fraunhofer Institute FIT, Germany
Léonie Schäfer, Fraunhofer Institute FIT, Germany
Dr. Elaine Raybourn, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Prof. Steve Benford, University of Nottingham, UK


Léonie Schäfer
Fraunhofer FIT
Schloss Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin, Germany
Email: [log in to unmask]