Jim, thanks for managing the list so long! we owe you a lot.

 -> For a number of years, I have maintained a mailing list for those
 -> interested in the PODC (Principles of Distributed Computing) ACM
 -> Symposium and related research areas.  Recently, Gil Neiger has
 -> been kind enough to take over this responsibility.  The old
 -> [log in to unmask] address has been replaced by a new
 -> address:
 ->          [log in to unmask]
 -> The new mailing list uses standard LISTSERV software, which should
 -> make it easier to use and administer.  If you are unfamiliar with
 -> LISTSERV, please see:
 ->         http://www.lsoft.com/manuals/1.8d/user/user.html
 -> For the time being, messages sent to the old address will come to
 -> me, and I will politely ask the sender to repost the message to
 -> the new address.  The old podc-post address will be retired within
 -> a few months.
 -> --jim burns

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