Does any one know of a tool for Ada that does code counting as described
in the following?  (FYI: CSE is USC's Center for Software Engineering.)

>>         Hi.  I'm trying to get a handle on a problem that is central
>> the mission of the CSE.  One of the biggest problems confronting
>> to manage software projects, is the question of how to quantify
>> engineering output, so that costs can be estimated and managed.
>> configuration control challenges are also related to the
>> of changes across multiple generations of software modules.
>>         I've already examined the Code Counting tools preserved by
>> CSE (which measure the size of a single version of a file), but have
>> come to recognized that the core of the problem really focuses on the

>> changes between different versions of a file.  There will be a
>> desireability to have code counting logic that is consistent between
>> 'first version, baseline counter' and a 'later version, delta
>> counter'.  A solution developed for a 'baseline counter' would not
>> necessarily be supportable within a delta counting scenario, because
>> its substantially greater complexity.  On the other hand, code
>> logic that works for delta applications would be easy to extend to
>> much simpler, baseline applicaiton.  For this reason a delta code
>> counting methodology would be better developed first, as the template

>> for single file, code counting logic.
>>         It appears that other companies might be addressing the
>> I've identified.  A company called "Power Software" in England is
>> marketing a piece of software that, on the surface, appears to do
>> everything that we'd need it to do.  Unfortunately, it appears that
>> only available for C and C++ source code evaluations.  Since Ada is
>> of our primary aerospace languages, that doesn't help us out in those
>>         However, we might be able to learn from their
>> accomplishment.  I've even considered that they might be able to make

>> contributions to the CSE, or even offer their products to CSE
>> members.  They already claim an impressive clientele, including
>> Citicorp, Ericsson, General Dynamics, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, IBM,
>> Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Marconi, Nokia, Nortel,
>> Sony, Tellabs, TRW, US Govt, Xerox, etc.  I notice that Boeing is
>> conspicuously missing from this list.

Please copy Rod in any response.  I don't think that he is on the
team-Ada mailing list.

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