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I would very much appreciate disseminating this Call for Paper to other
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Thank you in advance.
Ebad Banissi
IV03 - Co- Conference Chair

16 - 17 - 18 July 2003
SOAS, University of London
Call for Papers, Videos and Participation
Theme and scope is planned as series of symposia listed below (details and
further information are available at:
InfVis - Information Visualisation Theory & Practice
DVis - Design Visualisation
KDViz - Knowledge Domain Visualisation
CIVE - Collaborative Information Visualisation Environments
VSW- Semantic Web Visualisation
VDM - Visualisation and data mining
WGV - Web Graphics and Visualisation
GeoVis - Spatial/Geographic Data Visualisation
VDB - Visualising Data Bases
CDV - Co-operative Design Visualisation
MediViz - Information Visualisation in Medical & Biological Sciences
BuiltVis - Visualisation in Built Environment
DArt - Symposium of Digital Art and Gallery
VG - Fundamentals of Visualisation & Graphics
MM - Multimedia- Theory & Practice
EIP - Education and Industrial Prospective
AVR - Augmented and Virtual Reality
CAVE - Computer Animation and Visual Effects
Render - Computer Visualisation & Graphics Rendering
VISIM - Data Real-time Visualisation of Simulation

Supported by:
VGRU, SCISM, South Bank University, UK
Department of Computer Graphics Technology, Purdue University, USA
Department of Visual Art, University of Northern Colorado, USA
Computer Graphics & Modelling Group - DMU Milton Keynes, UK
National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University, UK
School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, USA
Motorola UK Research Lab
Information and Computer Science Department, KFUPM, SA
Mixed Reality Ltd, UK
Department of Electronic Imaging and Media Communications, University of
Bradford, UK
University of Balearic Islands, Spain
University of Kent at Canterbury, UK
Technical University Graz, Austria

Co-operated by:
Information Visualisation Society
Important Dates:
17 January 2003 - Submission of proposal for symposium
7 March 2003- Submission of papers and Submission of tutorials &
pre-conference courses
05 May 2003 - Submission of camera-ready and early registration closes
Further details and registration form are available at the conference

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