If a user does things to personalize a Web site, does that make her a
"better" user? I have in mind things like creating a virtual model (eg,
LandsEnd.com), creating an account (many places), creating a wish list
(Amazon.com), inviting people to see the stuff you've saved (eg,
HomePortfolio.com) and more.

What do I mean by "better?" As I write this, I find more definitions. I had
in mind "better" from the business's point of view: more likely to return,
more likely to spend time, more likely to buy. Maybe it means other things,

I know what I think, but I don't have any data. Do you?

Mail to me for summarizing, discussion to the list.

thanks                          -- hs

Hal Shubin
Interaction Design (www.user.com)
Design & strategy for the Web
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