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Fifth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling (ICCM 2003)

News from ICCM 2003 preparation

Preparation of the conference is in good progress und we expect to have
fruitful and exciting discussions with researchers from the whole range
of modeling approaches. The local organizing team invites you to
participate in the Fifth International Conference on Cognitive Modeling,
one of the main topics in cognitive science.

We would like to emphasize the role and value of posters (especially if
presented together with a simulation of the related model) and thus
suggest strongly that you consider this option.

Posters usually have a similar structure than a research paper or
journal article: an abstract, introduction (i.e., brief rationale or
review of relevant research), method section, results section, and a
conclusion or summary. In the typical environment of a poster session,
most people are not able to read and process long sections of text.
Therefore, keep text to the bare essentials, sticking to the most
important ideas. You can convey details and perhaps a demonstration of
the simulation model via discussion when you are standing by your

All queries should be directed to:

ICCM 2003
Institut für Theoretische Psychologie
Universität Bamberg
D-96045 Bamberg
E-mail: [log in to unmask]

The up-to-date information of the conference is available on the
Website at http://iccm2003.ppp.uni-bamberg.de

Important dates & deadlines - dates have changed, submission deadline
has been extended.

Conference Thursday                April 10, 2003 to Saturday April 12,
Tutorials & Doctoral Consortium    Wednesday April 9, 2003
Registration                       Now
Early Registration                 February 15, 2003
Deadline for submissions           November 30, 2002
Notification of acceptance         January 31, 2003
Camera ready copy                  February 15, 2003

Dietrich Dörner, Harald Schaub (chairs) und Frank Detje (Host)

Universität Bamberg
Institut für Theoretische Psychologie
Kapuzinerstr. 16
D-96045 Bamberg, Germany http://www.uni-bamberg.de/ppp/insttheopsy/

Wayne D. Gray; Professor of Cognitive Science
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Carnegie Building (rm 108) ;;for deliveries
110 8th St.; Troy, NY 12180

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