>The environment that you mention (uncertain and/or changing requirements)
No, perhaps I did not stress that enough, but I meant not uncertain and/or
changing requirements, but worse: unknown domain area and no experts near you.
For example, imagine that your current team is immediately assigned to a new
project: build a simulation model for Russian domestic stock market -;) . You
got 3-month schedule and no experts are provided. Or slighly more realistic
example: your new project is: to extract the text (using speech recognition
technique) from a *.ram file and convert it to XHTML-Print (using formatting
for conveying voice variations)... no experts or training courses are provided,
of course. (with these examples I only try to illustrate what is unknown domain
area; I do not claim that there is any chance to succeed with such "projects"
with C++ or Ada, or any other programmimg language -:)

>is one that I work in every day.  I have successfully and productively
>used Ada in that environment and find it much superior to C++, which I
>have also used.
OK, I also find Ada superior to C++, and I think that everyone who is familiar
with both will agree, but it isn't the point.

>  It sounds like there may be a misunderstanding of OO and/or Ada.
No, it is too easy way - first suspect mere ignorance. I'd like to say that
this is more C++ way than Ada way -:) .

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