From time to time, we get a reminder that some "killer app" is what Ada
Here's an idea for such an app (from somebody who doesn't have time or
disk space to work on it --yet):

A robust, versatile XML to HTML converter.

If called by Apache or AWS (in response to a GET
by a browser that can't handle XML), it would on the fly
serve an HTML version of the XML.

It should allow the page author to use advanced features
of XML (and XSL) while not entirely cutting off the audience
stuck with HTML and CSS.

In addition to the possibility of having a web server call it,
it should also be usable as a plugin for a web browser.

This is the sort of project that could be long-term.  Any functionality
would be useful, yet multiple releases could add support for additional
XML constructs without changing the calling profile.

Wes Groleau