Wojtek Narczynski <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> Hello,
> >Wojtek's post suggests another idea. Suppose
> >someone or some group were to take Apache,
> >and one module at a time, replace the modules
> >with Ada.
> If I really have suggested that, sorry...
> Apache is good software with excellent license. IMHO v.2 is unbeatable.
> Trying write a replacement for it is somewhat a suicide. But I would love
> to have the ability to develop apache modules in Ada, and plug Ada code to
> it via a fast interface.

With the Gnu compilers, you should be able to do this now; you can
link Ada code with the Apache C code. You need to write a good binding
to the Apache module API. You also have to teach the makefiles about
Ada; not very hard.

With gcc 3.2, it's even easier, since GNAT is part of the same
distribution as the rest of gcc.

-- Stephe