>My favorite name is the made-up one that ws invented in Europe
>but never caught on, "Informatics".

Well, it was caught firmly in Soviet Union, and it is still in wide use in
Russia - here we have high school course "Informatics" and university UG courses
with the same name - for such departments, for example, as Biological (and

> It's just as arbitrary, but
>at least it focus on information, which is, indeed, a lot of what
>we do.

I agree that that name properly reflects the essense of the matter, but
unfortunately the substance of those courses does not provide a strong link
to its name.

>>   Well, there is Electrical Engineering, but no Electricity Science.
>Well, there's Electricity & Magnetism, which is (generally)
>taught (in the US, anyway) as part of physics, or E.E., or both.

Yes, and if Informatics & Operations Research will be taught as part of Applied
Mathematics, or E.E., or both, then there will be much less grounds for complaining.

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