I thought they had picked Greenhills Ada & RT (royalty free) for the JSF?

William Dale
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> Subject: JSF and C
> I just heard that some organization (perhaps Lockheed or JSF SPO)
> has chosen MISRA C over Ada for JSF flight software.
> According to http://www.misra.org.uk/> MISRA C is a standard
> for a "restricted subset of a high-level language for programming
> safety-related systems. The C programming language is being
> increasingly
> used for automotive applications, due largely to the inherent language
> flexibility, the extent of support and its potential for portability
> across a wide range of hardware. However the nature of the C language
> is such that there are many areas of concern which potentially
> jeopardise
> the high level of integrity required from the final executable code."
> Why in the world would you choose an inherently unsafe language for
> any safety-critical application?  I can't look at the standard because
> you have to buy a copy.  I hope they recommend against the use of
> pointers and C arrays, otherwise you can't make C safe.
> Surely Spark Ada would have been a better choice.
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> Terry Westley
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