Well, one of my Physics textbooks had a quote from someone that i
always liked:

"Computer Science is to Science, as Plumbing is to Hydrodynamics"

Ducking for cover now ;-)


On Thursday, December 5, 2002, at 06:01  PM, Alexandre E. Kopilovitch

>> The dichotomy between CS and SE, at the UG (as opposed
>> to research) level is entirely artificial,
> That is probably true, but one trouble still exists (and it is
> significant even
> at the UG level): what is called Computer Science isn't a science at
> all, it
> is more or less organized collection of facts (from several true
> sciences),
> which are more or less related to and adapted to sotfware engineering
> techniques.
>   Well, there is Electrical Engineering, but no Electricity Science.
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