[said Alex]
> >The dichotomy between CS and SE, at the UG (as opposed
> >to research) level is entirely artificial,
> That is probably true, but one trouble still exists (and it is significant even
> at the UG level): what is called Computer Science isn't a science at all, it
> is more or less organized collection of facts (from several true sciences),
> which are more or less related to and adapted to sotfware engineering techniques.

Yes, I agree. My point is that the names are really quite arbitrary,
so we ought to quit arguing over them and focus on what is *done*,
rather than what we call it.

My favorite name is the made-up one that ws invented in Europe
but never caught on, "Informatics". It's just as arbitrary, but
at least it focus on information, which is, indeed, a lot of what
we do.

>   Well, there is Electrical Engineering, but no Electricity Science.

Well, there's Electricity & Magnetism, which is (generally)
taught (in the US, anyway) as part of physics, or E.E., or both.

Mike Feldman