[said Jim]
> Well, one of my Physics textbooks had a quote from someone that i
> always liked:
> "Computer Science is to Science, as Plumbing is to Hydrodynamics"
> Ducking for cover now ;-)
> Jim
There's another old one like that, which holds that any discipline
that has "science" in its title probably isn't science. Physicists,
in particular, have tended to use this to dump on Computer Science,
Political Science, Management Science, etc.

There's only one problem: traditional natural sciences are starting to
go back to putting "science" in their titles: at GW, Geology is now
called Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Biology is now called
Biological Sciences.

This is fun, but fundamentally, who cares? Let's not confuse the
name of a thing with the thing (as one of my old CS profs used to
say about variables:-)).