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(still an alias for the old
and is mirrored at .

Major features since 20020602:

  Licence changes

      The library is now released under the GNAT-modified GPL. My test
      and demonstration code is released under the GPL. Contributed
      code's licences remain unchanged.

  Interface changes


      For Bags, Maps and Sets in each form, and in all Bounded forms,
      the basic container is now unconstrained with the previous
      container (Bag etc) implemented as a constrained subtype.

      The intention is that users shouldn't need to change existing


      It used to be possible to create an empty Container, create an
      Iterator over it, populate the Container, and then just use the

      If you do that now, the Iterator will typically be "complete"
      (ie, Is_Done will return True) until you Reset it.


      The slender support for concurrency (Guarded and Synchronized
      forms) has been removed.