--- Roger Racine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> However, it turns out the Program Manager and the
> systems engineer had both
> had problems with Ada in the one program each of
> them were on (early 90s)
> that used it.  It further turns out that both
> programs (different
> companies) used the same compiler vendor, and their
> real problem was with
> the compiler, not the language.  As soon as I heard
> their complaint, I was
> able to tell them which vendor they were complaining
> about.

Of course the conclusion can't be made just based on
one compiler.

Just like 10 years ago, Borland C++ is such a
beautiful toy. But C++ still can't be regarded as a
fundamental safety-critical project language.

> I guess I would ask as many people as possible to
> write up success stories
> like the one at http://www.ghs.com/wp/vis2.html.
There are a lot of successful stories you might use,
for example,

Luke Zhang

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