> Since the Government is no longer mandating the use of Ada and programs
> mostly migrated to other platforms, what happened to all the Ada software
> the government purchased?  The reason I am asking this question, we have a
> of legacy systems and sometimes they ask that we purchase Ada products,
such as
> an Ada compiler.  Do inventories exist for Ada products?  Thanks--

As the other people here have mentioned, Ada is not dead. See
http://www.adaic.org and http://www.adapower.com for more information on the
state of Ada.

Anyway, this is the wrong forum for this question. This mailing list is for
questions and proposals about the Ada standard itself. General questions on
the usage of Ada aren't appropriate here; they should be directed to the
team-ada mailing list ([log in to unmask], to which I've forwarded this
message) or to the comp.lang.ada newsgroup.

          Randy Brukardt
          Editor, ISO/IEC 8652 (Ada programming language)