Roger Racine wrote:
 > I am the software task lead for a new project.  I (of course)
 > selected Ada as the language, to decrease the cost and schedule risk
 > for this part of the project.  Unfortunately, as soon as the top
 > three people (Program Manager, Technical Director, and a systems
 > engineer) at my company found out about it, they immediately thought
 > I had increased the risk, and asked for justification for using what
 > was thought to be unproven technology.

What technology do they consider "proven"?

 > It did help to show that the front end was used by many compiler
 > vendors (and all targets for the required vendor's Ada compilers) and
 > the back end is used by the vendor's C compiler (which is well
 > trusted).

C is proven technology. Proven to increase errors and costs, compared to

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