For those coming to the DC area this Thursday:

      Our Next Meeting is scheduled for
    Thursday, 9 January 2003 at 7:30 P.M.
 Mr. Clyde Roby, Institute for Defense Analyses
              will be speaking on
     Evolving Ada Bindings and Ada APIs
           at the DC SIGAda Venue
              in McLean, Virginia

This will be a joint meeting between the DC and Baltimore SIGAda


    To Members and Friends of DC SIGAda

Next Meeting:

    Thursday, 9 January 2003, 7:30 P.M. (Refreshments and
    Social at 7:00 P.M.) at the new MITRE2 Building in
    McLean, Virginia. DC SIGAda and Baltimore SIGAda will
    feature the following presentation:


    Evolving Ada Bindings and Ada APIs


    A workshop was held at SIGAda 2002 to address the
    management of Ada bindings and Application Program
    Interfaces (APIs). The purpose of that workshop was to
    identify a mechanism and begin to define a plan for the
    management of APIs for Ada. ISO/WG9 has requested that
    SIGAda and Ada-Europe propose such a mechanism for
    managing Ada bindings that are not covered via formal
    standards. Then ISO/WG9 can recommend these bindings
    as *defacto* standards, thus providing a process to register,
    and thus manage, bindings available to the Ada community
    without the formalism required by ISO. This workshop was
    well received at SIGAda 2002. There were many excellent
    suggestions made to improve a draft plan to manage Ada

    Registered APIs are either Public or Private. Public APIs
    are those where a dedicated team assumes the responsibility
    for their maintenance and evolution. Changes are controlled
    via a concensus-based process. Private APIs are those
    developed and maintained by a third party. With permission
    from the developer, these APIs are kept on the API web
    page as a convenience to the user community. In both
    cases, Useful artifacts will be provided on the API web
    page, when available. Besides compilable APIs, there will
    also be other valuable artifacts such as examples, tutorials,
    known problems, lessons learned, etc.

    A major topic of discussion at the workshop was the
    Management of both registered public and registered private
    APIs. There are many issues associated with each. It is
    proposed that a SIGAda API Working Group be responsible
    for this activity.

    The workshop was extremely well received. The
    presentation on Thursday night will provide a summary of
    the workshop. Plans are already underway to implement
    this management plan. We are initially planning to use the
    Common Gateway Interface (CGI) as a test case for the
    procedures to manage Ada APIs. There will be other
    bindings of potential near term interest as well. Besides the
    CGI Bindings, other interfaces to which we have had recent
    presentations include: Windows Graphical User Interfaces
    and Hierarchical Data Format (HDF). This presentation
    could be valuable to all users of Ada bindings. Those
    interested in getting involved are especially welcome.


    Clyde Roby received his Bachelor of Science in Computer
    Science from West Virginia University in 1972. He received
    his Master of Science degree in Information and Computer
    Science from Georgia Tech in 1979. He is currently a
    Research Staff Member with the Institute for Defense
    Analyses with interests in computer and network security,
    electronic commerce, and web technologies as well as
    software engineering. He has been involved with Ada for
    over two decades and with various working groups of
    SIGAda, including the Ada Bindings Working Group
    (ABWG) and the ASIS Working Group (ASISWG). He has
    been using World Wide Web technologies since the early
    1990s to communicate effectively for international
    standardization efforts.

        Clyde Roby
        Institute for Defense Analyses
        4850 Mark Center Drive
        Alexandria, VA 22311
        Email: [log in to unmask]


    Room 1N100 A/B
    The MITRE Corporation
    7515 Colshire Drive
    McLean, Virginia 22102-7508


    MITRE2 is on Colshire Drive just inside the beltway south
    of Route 123. Colshire Road is known as "Scotts Xing" on
    the North side of Route 123.

    Colshire Road is located on Route 123, East of I-495 and
    West of the Dulles Access Highway.
        Going Northbound on 123 from I-495, Colshire Road
        is located 2 stoplights on the right.
        Going Southbound on 123 from the Dulles Access
        Highway, Colshire Road is located at the first stoplight
        on the left.
    Once on Colshire Road, MITRE2 is the building
    immediately in front of you. A tiny traffic circle is designed
    to take you to the front of MITRE2 and to MITRE1 (the
    Hayes Building). The directions below route you to the
    parking garage behind the MITRE2 Building. This is a
    logical left-hand turn at the traffic circle. After the turn,
    MITRE2 will be on your right.

    From I-495 south of Route 123 (Dolley Madison
        1. Take Exit 46B (McLean, Route 123);
        2. Go North onto Route 123;
        3. Turn right onto Colshire Drive (at second light);
        4. Take third right off of the small traffic circle;
           (a logical left hand turn);
        5. Proceed ~ 50 meters; Turn right into parking
        6. Visitor Parking is located on Levels 2 and 3
           (the walkway to the lobby is on Parking Level 2)
        7. If door is locked, contact Security using phone by
           (at entrance to MITRE2 from the Parking Garage)
        8. Check in with Security at Security desk in lobby
           (You will need a photo ID)

    From Dulles Access Toll Road or I-495 north of the
    Dulles Access Toll Road:
        1. Take the Dulles Airport Access and Toll Road to
        Exit 19;
           (From I-495, this is labeled "To East I-66");
        2. Take Exit 19A;
           (following signs to Route 123 South, Tysons
        3. Bear right onto Route 123 (towards Tysons Corner)
        4. Turn left onto Colshire Drive (at first light);
        5. Take third right off of the small traffic circle;
           (a logical left hand turn);
        6. Proceed ~ 50 meters; Turn right into parking
        7. Visitor Parking is located on Levels 2 and 3
           (the walkway to the lobby is on Parking Level 2)
        8. If door is locked, contact Security using phone by
           (at entrance to MITRE2 from the Parking Garage)
        9. Check in with Security at Security desk in lobby
           (You will need a photo ID)

    To obtain a map of MITRE2 Building and the MITRE
    Campus, visit =>

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    We will have light foods and refreshment at 7:00. The
    meeting begins at 7:30 pm.

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