On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 07:52:24AM +0100, Laurent Guerby wrote:
> There's an entire section of the GNAT User Guide dedicated
> to this issue:
> Microsoft Windows Topics
> * Using GNAT on Windows::
> * GNAT Setup Tool::
> * CONSOLE and WINDOWS subsystems::
> * Temporary Files::
> * Mixed-Language Programming on Windows::
> * Windows Calling Conventions::
> * Introduction to Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs)::
> * Using DLLs with GNAT::
> * Building DLLs with GNAT::
> * GNAT and Windows Resources::
> * GNAT and COM/DCOM Objects::

please verify my observation:
there is a printable GNAT_ug (User_Guide) for unix-platforms (in .ps-format)
there is a gnat_ug in .html for windows-platforms
but no printable gnat_ug.ps for windows-platforms
for us non-customers(p) of GNAT, right?

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