I would use Ada.Sockets or GNAT.Sockets, both of which
provide the necessary interfaces to the OS's TCP/IP stack,
as well as UDP/IP.

Ada Sockets for Windows OS
Ada Sockets for UNIX OS

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Sent: February 12, 2003 7:50 PM
Subject: TCPIP package or binding?

> Hi all,
> I've been asked to check into the best way to get to TCPIP from Ada.
> AdaPower doesn't seem to have anything (well, the search engine
> there came up empty:-)).
> A Google search produced 2 usable results:
> - a set of Ada interface files for TCPIP as implemented under OpenVMS;
> - some TCPIP packages that were part of the old Ada Software Repository
>   (ASR), which now seems to be supported as part of the Univ. of
>   Stuttgart's AdaBasis.
> Anyone know of anything else? A more recent binding, perhaps?
> Thanks much in advance!
> Mike Feldman