Ever since we announced our dynamic picture-in-picture technique (DPIP)
last year, folks have been impressed by the quality of the result
(sample at http://www.syntagm.co.uk/dpip.htm), but a little disheartened
by the cost of moving to digital video.

I'm happy to report that we have adapted the technique for use with
low-cost (about GBP 70 or EUR/USD 100) USB or Firewire web cameras. This
also means less disk space is required and that results can be obtained
more quickly. Naturally there is a small sacrifice in the quality of the
user's image, but the captured screen images remain virtually
pixel-perfect. Best of all, the overall price of DPIP USB is about half
that of the original DPIP based on DV camcorders.

If you would like prices, please let us know what digital video hardware
or software you have already. Also, feel free to contact us for details
of a sample video clip when it is available.


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