University of Maryland
      Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory
         20th Annual Symposium & Open House
                 May 29-30, 2003

The HCIL's 20th Annual Symposium & Open House activities will be held on
  - Thursday, May 29 (Tutorials and Workshops) and
  - Friday, May 30 (Talks and Demonstrations)
  at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Come hear the presentations, participate in the discussions, and
see the latest human-computer interaction research and technologies!

3 Tutorials:
    Introduction to HCI
    Introduction to Usability Testing
    Introduction to Web Design
2 Workshops:
    Interfaces for Mobile Devices
    Information Visualization Evaluation

A reception will follow the workshops and tutorials.

Materials received by paying attendees will include:
- a copy of the new BOOK edited by Benjamin B. Bederson and Ben Shneiderman:
    "The Craft of Information Visualization: Readings and Reflections",
- a DVD of our HCIL 2003 Video Reports,
- a set of recent TECHNICAL REPORTS and SLIDES from the talks,
- discounts on other books authored by HCIL faculty,
- a catered lunch.

To encourage student participation we offer free registration, without the
material package, to full time students.

Previous symposiums have attracted between 200 and 250 attendees.

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