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                            *** CALL FOR PAPERS ***
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology i Biomedicine (T-ITB)
              Special issue on Pervasive Healthcare


Pervasive healthcare may be defined from two perspectives. First, it is
application of pervasive
computing (or ubiquitous/proactive computing, ambient intelligence)
technologies for healthcare,
health and wellness management. Second, it is making health care available
everywhere, any-
time - pervasively.

Mark Weiser, the father of the ubiquitous computing, stated "the most
profound technologies
are those that disappear. " (M. Weiser, The computer of the 21st century,
Scientific American,
1991). Pervasive computing may be considered as the opposite to virtual
reality: while in virtual
reality the user enters the world created by computers, in pervasive
computing it is the computing
which enters the physical world and bridges the gap between the virtual and
physical worlds.
One of the most important application areas for this technology is
healthcare, wellness and disease
management and support for independent living. Developments in sensor and
more generally mea-
surement technology make it possible to obtain health related information
from wearable or embed-
ded sensors also in out-hospital conditions, in our daily life. Ubiquitous
communication based on
mobile telephone networks, (wireless) local area networks, and/or some other
wireless technologies
makes possible anywhere, anytime transfer and access of all kinds of
information - like measurement
data, person-to-person communications or health information.

Mobile communication gadgets provide ubiquitous user interfaces for the
users (from health care
professionals to citizens). The possibilities this technology offers for
health care delivery are vast
and are only gradually becoming realised. The purpose of this Special Issue
is to collect original
and innovative contributions in the area of pervasive healthcare. Authors
are particularly invited
to submit paper contributions including (but not limited to) the following

 - Wearable computing for health
 - Wireless, wearable and implantable sensors
 - Biomedical clothing
 - Applications for personal management of acute and chronic diseases,
wellness, and health,
    including self-care, selfdiagnosis and self-rehabilitation
 - Pervasive computing to support independent living
 - Smart homes for health and wellness
 - Pervasive computing in hospital or institutional environments
 - Pervasive computing for hospital without walls, virtual hospital, and
support for early discharge

Especially reports on the use of pervasive healthcare in real health care
environment are encouraged
but also more experimental studies are welcomed.


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