If you attend CHI 03, you are invited to join us at the

Informal SIG on
The InfoVis 2003 Contest
"The Challenge of Information Visualization Evaluation"

The SIG will take place Wednesday, April 9th at 11:30, the exact
location will be given on the SIGs bulletin board.  It is organized by
Catherine Plaisant and Jean-Daniel Fekete.

During this SIG, we will explain how and why we organize the Infovis
Contest, answer questions and discuss the challenges of information
visualization evaluation in general.

If you have questions about this new contest, about specific points of
the data sets or tasks, or have interseting ideas about the challenging
question of the evaluation of information visualization, you should
definitively come and participate to this SIG.

See http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/iv03contest/ for details on the contest.

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