As part of HCI2003 (9th September 2003, Bath, UK)


It might be reasonably argued that the reason why computers are not
still used exclusively by hobbyists and privileged IT department
personnel is metaphor. Until graphical user interfaces that resembled,
and behaved in ways similar to, familiar real-world objects were
devised, the computer was the domain of the wizard or hacker. While the
GUI and the desktop metaphor have flourished, metaphor as a topic in HCI
has not kept pace. Metaphor has not attracted the attention from
researchers and designers that its early influence might have suggested
that it would have. From the earliest days of the GUI, voices have
spoken out against metaphor in design. As computing breaks free of the
desktop, some user interface designers believe that we should not only
leave the desktop metaphor, but also metaphor as a whole, behind.

Meanwhile in cognitive science, artificial intelligence, linguistics and
robotics, metaphor appears to be taken more seriously. Metaphor
understanding is seen by these disciplines as a large part of how we
make sense of the world and interact with it. If metaphor helps us to
understand the world, then why is it believed that it does not help us
understand the model world of the user interface?

This workshop aims to document the state of the art in thinking about
metaphor in HCI and interface design; to understand the successes and
failures of the past; to understand the criticisms and conflicts
regarding the use of metaphor in HCI; to examine the roles of theories
of metaphor in HCI; to think about the prospects for metaphor in the
future of interface design, and to identify productive directions for
future research.


The workshop seeks to address (but is not limited to) topics including:

- Can metaphor reach critical mass as a discipline within HCI? And why
has it not managed so far?
- Prospects for metaphor in a post-Desktop world
- Metaphor and new media/modalities/applications
- Theories of metaphor and their use in HCI
- Metaphor-based design processes
- Supporting metaphor-based design
- Evaluating user interface metaphors


Three types of submission are invited -

1. Original research - Recent and unpublished original research
addressing the workshop's topics of interest, or any topic relevant to
the workshop theme.

2. Position Papers - Those with a particular opinion on the use of, and
prospects for, metaphor in HCI are invited to submit a position paper
arguing their viewpoint.

3. Technology Show-and-Tell - We wish our discussion to be informed by
the state of the art in the use of metaphor in HCI and user interface
design. Extended breaks between formal presentations have been planned
to allow informal show-and-tell by those who wish to demonstrate systems
that reflect the state of the art in the use of metaphor, especially for
new media, modalities, or for novel applications and user tasks.


Declaration of interest: As soon as possible
Submission deadline: 25th July 2003 (for all types of submission)
Notification: 22nd August 2003.


Declarations of interest should be sent directly to the workshop
organiser. Full details and guidelines for authors are published on the
workshop web site


Full details can be found on the workshop web site. Declarations of
interest and informal queries should be directed to the workshop

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