COMMUNITIES & TECHNOLOGIES (C&T 2003): An International Conference

Early Registration Deadline: July 1, 2003

(a)  Three invited Talks:
 (aa) Etienne Wenger (cp square, USA): "Communities of Practice:
      Reflections of the Zeitgeist"
 (ab) Barry Wellman (University of Toronto, Canada): "The Networked Future
       of Communities"
 (ac) Peter van den Peter Besselaar (NIWI, The Netherlands): "Cities,
     Technologies, and Communities: The Case of Amsterdam"
(b) Tutorial: "Social Capital in Knowledge Management" by Larry Prusak
(c) Panel on "Research Perspectives on Communities and Technologies"
     Participants: Marlene Huysman, Giorgio Di Michelis, Larry Prusak,
                        Barry Wellman, and Suzanne Weisband
(d) 24 Accepted full Papers out of 120 submissions
(e) 12 Workshops

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