Simon Wright <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> > From: Roger Racine <[log in to unmask]>

> Our project (and my own code) is written using GNAT. 99% of the time I
> just let emacs ada-mode do the indenting for me and compile with style
> checking on (-gnaty). I have great difficulty persuading people to do
> this *and fix the style errors*.

There is automated help for this. I wrote an extension for Gnu Emacs
Ada mode that fixes many style errors reported by the compiler, and
GPS can do the same thing. I find it _much_ easier to comply with the
style standard with the editor support.

> I guess the only aproach that's going to work is to do code reviews
> from compiler-generated listings (compiled with -gnatfly, perhaps).

Try the automated editor support.

> > Of course, then there are those (with young eyes) who say to just
> > use a 6-point font (giving about 266 characters per line on a high
> > resolution screen). :-)

I don't go that far. 120 is enough :).

-- Stephe