Call for papers: special issue "Tangible interfaces in perspective"
 Springer Journal Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
 **** Submission deadline is November 1, 2003 ****

Submission Categories:
 * Design Sketches
    (newly added, for design/art-oriented and late-breaking submissions)
 * Perspective papers
 * Research papers

Co-edited by Lars Erik Holmquist ([log in to unmask]),
 Albrecht Schmidt ([log in to unmask]), and
 Brygg Ullmer ([log in to unmask])

Physical interfaces to digital information have been the subject of much
research in the last decade. Many novel approaches have been introduced
during this time, considered under names such as graspable interfaces,
tangible interfaces, physical interfaces, and embodied interaction. By
moving interaction from the virtuality of the screen into the
physicality of the real world, the design space is significantly
extended, enabling new and richer forms of interaction. However, at
present we are likely only at the beginning of understanding the
implications of establishing a direct physical link between digital
information and human users. With this special issue, we would like to
place this body of work in perspective, while simultaneously presenting
some of the area's most recent findings.

Although many compelling examples have been produced illustrating the
use of tangible interfaces across different domains, these are usually
seen in isolation rather than as part of a larger whole. To move
forward, we would like to see a deepening of the discussion and a more
thorough analysis of the field. Among other possibilities, this may be
approached through accounts of user studies or real-world deployment of
tangible user interfaces; or through the development of new theories and
frameworks for the new styles of interaction and applications that can
be realized.

For this special issue, we hope to attract submissions both of a
reflective nature, which look at the accumulated work in the area with
the benefit of hindsight; and submissions that document the new and
exciting developments that are currently unfolding. In particular, we
seek three types of submissions:

* Perspective papers should use the accumulated work of a specific
group, institution, or individual as the basis for a discussion that can
encompass historical accounts, lessons learned, or overall theories and
generalizations. The content can be based on previously published
material, but should expand upon it in such a way that new insights are

* Research papers should present new systems, evaluations, methods or
concepts in the field of physical user interfaces. This should consist
of novel work that has not previously been published in archival format.

* Design sketches give the opportunity to present new and ongoing work
in a visual format. They should concentrate on illustrations (5-10
images) with short explanatory texts, to communicate the essence of an
innovative system or interface. A self-contained abstract -- not longer
than one A4 page -- should also be included. We particularly encourage
design- and art-oriented submissions, as well as innovative work that
may not yet be sufficiently mature for a full paper submisson.

November 1, 2003: Paper submission deadline
February 1, 2004: Notification for authors
March 1, 2004: Revised versions due

For further Information please visit the webpage or contact the special
issue editors, Lars Erik Holmquist, Albrecht Schmidt, and Brygg Ullmer.

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 Lars Erik, Albrecht, and Brygg

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