IUI/CADUI'2004 Workshop on 

                      usable and open methods and tools

                    13th January, 2004, Madeira, Portugal.
In conjunction  with the  IUI/CADUI'2004 joint  conference, we  are
arranging  a
workshop on Making model-based UI design practical: usable and open
methods  and
tools. We hereby invite you to write a position paper detailing your
with model-based UI design (MB-UID), and  how you think MB-UID can be
made more
practical and industry-friendly. The workshop takes place in Funchal,
January  13, i.e.  the day  before the  main IUI/CADUI  conference
starts,   and
workshop participants  must register  for the  main conference.  Details
of  the
workshop and main conference  can be found at    and,
Model-based UI design is an  established field with a strong,  but
small  community.  Although  the  potential  has  been  shown  through
prototypes and  a few  commercial tools,  there are  still few
practitioners of
model-based UI design methods. The natural question is why? 

There are many  important qualities of  methods and tools  that may be
among  others:  availability,  scalability,  completeness,  openness,
compliance, in  short, the  usability of  methods and  tools. The
workshop will
focus on not just why,  but also what can be  done to improve on the
The workshop's  focus is  more on  usability (in  a broad  sense) of
methods and
tools than on theoretic  problems. Therefore, personal experiences  and
are just as important for identifying  problems. As a result of the
workshop, a
common vision of  the next generation  UI methods and  tools could be
Necessary steps to achieve the vision will also be discussed. 


You are  invited to  submit a  position paper  where you  present your
experiences with using, teaching, implementing (in an organisation) or
promoting  MB-UID,  and you  views  on how  to  make MB-UID  more
practical and
successful.  Position  papers  should  be between  2  and  4  pages,
follow  the  format   and  submitted
before  6th
November,  2003  as PDF-attachments  to  Hallvard TrŠtteberg
([log in to unmask]).
Position papers will be selected based on general quality and specific
for the workshop. Note that  the workshop participants are required  to
for the main  IUI/CADUI'2004 conference. Position  papers will be
posted on the
workshop  web  page
and participants will be  assigned a couple of  papers to comment on
during the

Possible topics (not limited  to), that may be  addressed by the
position  paper
(and the workshop) are the following 

1. Stories of success and failure 
     * What has been shown to work? 
     * Usage context (org/proj/participants) that is required for
successful use 
       of model-based UI design methods 
     * When shouldn't model-based methods be used? 

2. What are the desired properties for UID tools? 
     * easy of use, 
     * precision, 
     * separate of concerns, 
     * scalability, 
     * code generation support, 
     * visual specification, 
     * reuse of specifications, 

3. What are the unsolved problems with UI tools? 
     * maintainability (respect to domain models, etc.), 
     * no common standard for UI specification (UML lacks of UI
     * round trip problem (regeneration of UIs without loosing manual

4. Integration with existing methods and tools 
     * Using UML for UI design 
     * Extending UML with UI-specific constructs 
     * User-centred design, prototyping and model-based design 
     * Usage-centred design, can it be merged with more formal methods 
     * GUI-builders and model-based tools, possibility of hybrid tools 

5. Educating industry (and students as potential practitioners) 
     * How do we present our methods to potential practioners? 
     * How may we introduce model-based UID methods in the curriculum 

6. Building open tools 
     * Sharing models and opening up existing tools 
     * Meta-modelling (possibly extending UML), MDA-based tool
     * Open-sourcing and cooperating on tools (ala ArgoUML/ARGOi) 

(1. October, 2003: Submission deadline for main conference) 
(28. October, 2003: Notification of acceptance for main conference) 
6. November, 2003: Deadline for workshop position papers. 
28. November, 2003: Deadline for notification of acceptance/workshop
13. January, 2004: Workshop 

Hallvard TrŠtteberg [log in to unmask] (Workshop Chair)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, (NO)

Pedro J. Molina [log in to unmask] (Co-organizer) 
CARE Technologies, (ES)

Nuno J. Nunes [log in to unmask] (Co-orgnizer) 
Universidade da Madeira, (PT) 

Pedro J. Molina [log in to unmask] (Program Committee Chair)
CARE Technologies, (ES)

Philippe Palanque [log in to unmask]
UniversitÚ Paul Sabatier, (FR)

Jean Vanderdonckt [log in to unmask] 
UniversitÚ catholique de Louvain, (BE)

Paulo Pinheiro da Silva [log in to unmask] 
Stanford University, (US)

┴ngel R. Puerta [log in to unmask] 
RedWhale Software (US)

Ëscar Pastor [log in to unmask] 
Universidad PolitÚcnica de Valencia, (ES)

Hallvard TrŠtteberg [log in to unmask] 
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, (NO)

Nuno J. Nunes [log in to unmask]
Universidade da Madeira, (PT) 

For updated information about the workshop visit:
   - the workshop web page: 
   - and the conference web site: 

Hallvard TrŠtteberg, 1.amanuensis ved Inst. for datateknikk og
informasjonsvitenskap ved NTNU, mailto:[log in to unmask] phone:+47 7359 3443,