I am a huge fan of Ada.  Unfortunately right now I am working in Java.  I heard
rumblings that the project I am working on will have to be rewritten to take
advantage of generics (and thus have to wait until JDK 1.5 realistically -
which is another release of the Java language, sometime in the future).  My
first thought was - "when will Java catch up with Ada?"  I hesitated to say
this to anyone else for a few reasons, but the first was because I feel it
isn't possible to get an unbiased history of computer languages.  I would like
to see what contributions were made by whom at what time - and honestly -
without hype, spin, marketing, or other lies.  Does anyone know if this exists?

(also, it would be interesting to see just what contributions Ada made, because
everything I hear now for why Java is good are exactly the same things I heard
many years ago that made Ada good, only this time you'd be the fool to think
they weren't true).

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