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    Special Session "Adaptive and Anticipative Computer Systems"
 at 7th international conference on "Work with Computing Systems"

The 7th international conference on "Work with Computing Systems" (http://www.wwcs2004.org, formerly known as WWDU "Work with Display Units"), addresses various aspects of work with computers at the workplace or at home. The focus is on the use of computers for work activities and the impact of the work environment on computer usage. So usually quite a number of experts in ergonomics or interface design will meet. 

To build a bridge between "traditional" user interface design and intelligent or adaptive user interfaces Prof. Holger Luczak (Aachen University, Germany) will hold special sessions during WWCS. These sessions aim on giving an overview of adaptive and anticipative techniques but also present special usecases and implementations. An interdisciplinary group of speakers is asked to talk about evaluation aspects as well as machine learning techniques. 

So, if you are interested to join these sessions "Adaptive and Anticipative Computer Systems", please send a short abstract (max. 500 words) until November, 15th to [log in to unmask]

More information regarding the conference you will find at http://www.wwcs2004.org or feel free to contact me.

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