I am still struggling with the commercial software provided by Galil to
support their servo controller board.  Unfortunately the use of C and C++ is
often strongly correlated with poor design and a cavalier attitude towards
hazards. The reference state of the board has the motor moving!

Therefore, I need an answer to two questions.

1) Is there any available servomotor or stepping motor control Ada source
code?  I know there is at the National Laser Ignition Facility;
unfortunately, they are not sharing.

Since A# does not support representation specifications, I need to use a
standard Ada compiler with Microsoft Windows XP or Windows XP embedded to
write to a port. 2) Has anyone solved the problem of having Ada work for
board programming with Microsoft's latest products; and would they share the

3) If not, are we giving up on the Windows market?

4) Has anyone else in the Ada community used XForms and on what platform?

I use FormsPlayer, which presently is free on Windows XP.  Parenthetically,
XForms is a real threat to Microsoft. It is an open, W3C specification.
XForms provides many of the services of a GUI. I believe that it would be a
killer application in Ada, which could serve as the basis of the GUI for an
Ada operating system.

Bob Leif