Call for Papers:

To be held at the International Conference on Pervasive Computing 2004
20. April 2004, Vienna, Austria ( (this is during
the days before CHI 2004, starting on 24. April)

Carsten Magerkurth, Fraunhofer IPSI, Darmstadt, Germany
Regan Mandryk, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby BC, Canada. Steve
Benford, University of Nottingham, UK Johan Sanneblad, FAL, Viktoria
Institute, Goteborg, Sweden.

Gaming has been a hot topic and innovating force in most cultures for
thousands of years. In contrast to traditional gaming, computer
entertainment still lacks rich human-to-human interaction and is not
grounded in our physical world. With the emergence of ubiquitous and
pervasive computing technology, we are now facing a radical paradigm
shift in which the computer as a medium steps back and weaves itself
into the fabric of our physical and social environments. Combining
pervasive computing technologies with gaming applications many people
enjoy and are used to, will have a positive effect on the dissemination
of the pervasive computing paradigm and may help creating new and
revolutionary forms of entertainment experiences. With this workshop we
bring together researchers who are interested in interactive
entertainment and the opportunities and risks that pervasive computing
might introduce to it. We want to discuss initial results from this
emerging field and share our experiences and visions to identify
relevant research questions and future research directions.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

Augmented tabletop games
The physical world as a game board
Mixed reality installations
Innovative input devices (Eye-Toys, Magic Wands etc)
Social experience vs technological experience
Emerging game concepts
(Mis-)use of enabling technologies
Mobile computing entertainment
Experience design for heterogeneous devices
Business cases for pervasive computing games
Social implications and social protocols
Privacy and awareness issues
Mixing games and serious applications

Paper Submission Deadline: 15. Feb 2004

For further information, please visit the workshop website:

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